1st Day in St Petersburg Walking Tour

An exclusive walking tour that incorporates the Must-See attractions in the heart of the city with a private guide local to Saint Petersburg.

Tour highlights

Begin the Tour at Your Hotel

Let our guide meet you in the lobby of your hotel to start the tour. We will meet you at any address that you provide. If you choose to stay in the outlaying area will include the metro tickets and ride with you.

Singer House also known as House of Books

While visiting this remarkable building on the Nevskiy prospect you will learn what actions the architect took to make this building dominate over all the others. You will understand the connection to the US dollar. You will also find out about the Russian Facebook and how it was promoted.

Kazan Cathedral

We include a visit to the Kazan Cathedral at no extra charge

You will see the icon of Our Lady of Kazan. You will also learn about the connection between this Cathedral and St. Peter’s Basilica located in Vatican. By the time you finish you visit you will know the symbol of the Russian Navy that was influenced by the Scottish and what was wrong with the original position of the entrance.

Elisseeff Emporium

Visit included, free of charge

While enjoying the unique architecture and breath taking interiors you will enjoy hearing the tales related to the building. There is no charge to visit and learn what make the zenith football club stands out. Take the time and find out about how cats helped the city through World War II while getting lucky in a traditional way. You could even figure out a box of oranges can make you rich.

Anichkov Bridge

This traditional bridge is not only the oldest way to enter the city; it is also one of the most beautiful. This visit will teach you some of the secrets of St. Petersburg such as what is hidden under one of the horses. You will be informed of why you can find pieces of the bridge in Berlin and Naples. Your curiosity will be satisfied when you learn which building has been on the Nevskiy Prospect the longest.

Summer Garden

This park was founded by Peter the Great the following the founding of the city. Some of the things you will learn here are how were important events celebrated, which fruits and vegetables were new to Russia when they were grown, and what was the European park that was expected to surpass the Summer Garden.

Saint Michael's Castle

Russian Emperor Paul I lived in this mysterious building for only 40 Days. His ghost is said to still inhabit its halls. Learn what you should say should you meet with him. The Castle will show you how old he was when he died just by looking at it, learn how this is possible. Also learn while it is defined as a castle even though it looks like similar buildings that are only considered palaces.

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Trip Advisor calls this the most popular attraction in the city. The Cathedral is called the “stones and mosaics” museum find out how it got this name. Within its walls hold the knowledge of what happened to Russian’s most liberal Emperor. The Church basements occupies half a nearby channel, you will know the reason why after your visit.

Guided tour to the Church
of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Private tour including tickets - 900 Rub per person
Duration: 30 mins
Closed on Wednesdays

You can choose to add this to your visit for 900 RUB/person. It takes about half an hour to go through with your personal guide. If you choose to add it you will see one of the biggest mosaics in the world. This tour is not available on Wednesdays.


The cost is 300-800 Rub per person
Duration: 40 mins

You can choose to take a 40 minute lunch break to enjoy your choice of traditional Russian menu Items. The cost is 300-800 Rub per person varying on your lunch choice.

Winter Palace

The Russian Emperor family has resided in the winter palaces for several years. It is known worldwide as one of the greatest masterpieces formed in architecture. There is a US citizen that became the Soviet leader’s favorite, find out who and why they became a favorite. You will also find out how much time you would need to explore the Hermitage museum collection.

Palace Square

The beautiful main square in the city holds a huge column that required the architect to be creative to prove it would not collapse. Find out what the communists were going to attempt to do to that column and see what special chess game was held here in 1924.

Bronze Horseman (Peter The Great monument)

Unearth why Russians call this most recognized symbol of the city is called “The Copper Horseman” even though it is common knowledge it is made of bronze. It also inspired our logo. Identify what the basement of the monument was made for and what legends are related to this Monument.

Neva Embankment

See the panorama of the river that dominates the city landscape. Take a glimpse into the Kunstkamera Museum and discover what the oddest objects are. Determine which building is the only building that does not have its façade facing the river. You will also uncover why the first permanent bridge has so many spans.

Saint Isaac's Cathedral

This outstanding building in not only the most impressive buildings and the biggest Cathedral in the World. We will enlighten you on the reasons why all the important treasures were kept in the Cathedral during the Siege of Leningrad and the bombings. Come upon the way Soviet Scientists saved the monument of Nikolay I. The communists installed an object to the center of the Cathedral, find out what it was while you are here.

Guided tour to Saint Isaac's Cathedral

Private tour including tickets - 900 Rub per person
Duration: 30 mins
Closed on Wednesdays

This guided private tour is not a part of our tour. You can add it for 900 RUB/person. Allow yourself 30 minutes to complete it. This option is not available on Wednesdays. If you do not want to miss the breathtaking interiors while learning about how it made then this is a great option for you. You will learn the background behind the painting and architecture while taking home knowledge about city legends.


By dominating the city skyline this spire is used to help people navigate the area while reminding of the origins. Uncover what is stored under the sphere of the spire and learn to recognize the masons’ symbols in the area. Find out the traditions the city links to the Airborne Day celebration.

Hotel drop off

At the end of the tour you will be dropped off at your hotel.

Tour notes

  • This is a private tour. No one else join the tour besides your personal guide.
  • For your comfort and privacy we limit our groups to 8 people per personal guide. If your group contains more people, please let us know so we can arrange more guides to go with you.
  • While we use the metro to bring you to the city center, this is a walking tour and cannot be enjoyed in a van or car.
  • The tour lasts 4 to 5 hours, any added optional stop will extend this time.
  • You can start your tour when you chose, any time between the hours of 8:30 am and 4 pm
  • While our guides will assist you in buying your souvenirs, even bargaining for the best price, they cannot receive commission for any shop.


Number of participants Total
1 adult 7000 RUB
2 adults 8 600 RUB
3 adults 10 200 RUB
4 adults 11 800 RUB
5 adults 13 400 RUB
6 adults 15 000 RUB
7 adults 16 600 RUB
8 adults 18 200 RUB
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RUB to USD currency conventer

1 rub = 0.0144 USD

RUB to EUR currency conventer

1 rub = 0.0128 EUR

  • The tour rate already includes all taxes, guide fees, hotel pickup fees, drop off fees and metro tickets, so there are no hidden costs to worry about. The tour rate is the only price you have to worry.
  • Also, children (defined as up to 14 years of age) go free of charge.
  • You can pay for our services by card (which is secured by PayPal payments) in the course of the booking process.
  • You pay cash at the end of the tour. If you do not have sufficient cash, then our guides will help you change your Euros or US dollars into Rubles.
  • Our company also does not have any cancellation fees. We understand last-minute changes and complications, which is why we do not charge for cancellations. We only ask that you inform us about your decision to cancel as soon as possible, so that we can quickly cancel the tour.
  • Options: A guided Tour to the "Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood" (costs 900 Rubles per person, including tickets) and A guided tour of "St. Isaac's Cathedral" (900 Rubles per person, including tickets).
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