St Petersburg Hermitage Museum Private Tour

The State Hermitage in St. Petersburg is a beautiful museum located in the city's Central District. It has become one of the most popular features of our tours. Open since 1852, the Hermitage Museum has been bringing in close to three million people per year in recent time. The museum is home to an extensive variety of features and includes a massive permanent collection. This collection has more than three million items. These include items that come from all parts of art history and are arranged in many spaces to create an inviting and amazing atmosphere that all will enjoy partaking in while visiting this space.

Tour highlights

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Ambassadors Staircase

The Ambassadors Staircase is a beautiful staircase in the Winter Palace that was designed in the eighteenth-century style that has been mostly lost throughout the country. The place is filled with a series of ornate granite columns and has some amazing bronze handrails to add to the overall appearance of the space.

Large Throne Room

The Large Throne Room is a large space that features many elaborate metallic chandeliers and an extensive number of beautiful columns alongside tall white ceilings. The expansive look of the room makes it a unique and thrilling place that continues to amaze people to this day through its wondrous style and tone.

Pavilion Hall

The Pavilion Hall is a section of the Hermitage that was established in the middle part of the nineteenth century. It was designed as a place to house any of the key members of the country's government at the time and continues to impress even after all these years with its fine and elaborate look. The hall continues to hold an elaborate look that continues to make it a noteworthy space for many activities held at the Hermitage throughout the year.

Gallery of Glory of 1812

Since 1826, the Gallery of Glory of 1812 has displayed the portraits of the many generals who fought in the 1812 War. This section was designed to honor those people and all those who fought to keep Napoleon's armies out of the country. The tall arches on the ceiling are beautiful and heavily detailed to create a more exotic and unique style that will be attractive to anyone to find here. This is a monument to the extensive history of Russia and is very peaceful and unique.

Hall of Rembrandt

There are several Rembrandt works here in the Hermitage. The Hall of Rembrandt is one of the world's largest collections of paintings from Rembrandt. Such works as Danae and Descent From the Cross are included here. These are all displayed in a beautiful gallery with bright and vibrant red walls plus an intricate series of lights. The entire room has been designed to be attractive for all to see.

Leonardo De Vinci

The works of early Renaissance painter Leonardo da Vinci are included in its own special room. These include such prominent works as Madonna Littaa and Benois Madonna. His works are displayed in a revival-style room and are consistently maintained and guarded to ensure that their beauty will stick around for generations.


The Rafael Loggias is a late-eighteenth century addition to the Hermitage that was designed to be similar in its appearance to the loggias used in the Apostolic Palace. The many works of Rafael are included around the entire area including Connestabile Madonna and Alba Madonna among many other fine works that he produced over his life.

Hermitage main entrance

Tour end location is Hermitage main entrance.

Tour notes

  • Hermitage Museum is closed on Mondays
  • These tours are completely private with your own personal driver and knowledgeable guide. There will be no other people joining the tour at any given time.
  • For convenience and comfort we arrange private tours with a limit of 7 people per guide. If you have a bigger group that wishes to take the tour, please contact us ahead of time and we will arrange several guides for you.
  • Transportation cost to the Hermitage Museum by car/minivan is included. Tour end location is Hermitage main entrance.
  • Tour duration is approximately 3 hours.
  • The start date and time is up to you and may vary from 10:30am to 3:00pm.


Number of participants Total
1 adult 6 000 RUB
2 adults 6 700 RUB
3 adults 7 400 RUB
4 adults 8 100 RUB
5 adults 8 800 RUB
6 adults 9 500 RUB
7 adults 10 200 RUB
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  • Tickets are NOT included. Price is 630 RUB for one ticket.
  • The tour rate includes all taxes, personal guide and hotel pick-up. There are no hidden costs. Children (up to 14 years old) go free of charge.
  • We do not have cancellation fees. We understand that your plans can be changed so we do not charge for cancellations. Please inform us asap if you want to cancel the tour.
  • You pay by cash at the end of the tour. Our guide can assist you to change Euros or US dollars.
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